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Coffee Bag Brigade®

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Recycle your waste with NABOB

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Important Update to the Coffee Bag Brigade!

We would like to bring to your attention that as of June 1st 2015, only shipments that weigh at least 4 pounds (approximately 106 coffee bags) will earn the TerraCycle point donation.

Introducing public drop-off locations!

We are looking for collecting locations across Canada to become public drop-off points for the Coffee Bag Brigade. Public drop-off points allow us to recycle even more waste by creating a small recycling point for a community. If you would like to become one of our public drop-off points or find a drop-off point near you, please click the respective button below.

Every year millions of coffee bags end up in dumpsters and landfills across Canada. TerraCycle® and the Nabob Coffee Co. are working together to make a positive contribution to the environment by helping to minimize the trash going to landfills.

The Coffee Bag Brigade allows all individuals and organizations to provide a second life for used coffee bags by sending them into TerraCycle. For each approved coffee bag received, you will be awarded two TerraCycle points which can be redeemed for a variety of charitable gifts or for a payment of $0.01 per point to the non-profit organization or school of your choice. Please click here to learn more about the TerraCycle Points Program.

Participating in the TerraCycle Coffee Bag Brigade is totally free! There are no sign-up or participation fees, and the shipping is covered by the program. Once you have joined the Coffee Bag Brigade, simply follow the steps below to receive your TerraCycle points:

  1. Collect at least 4 pounds (approximately 106 coffee bags) of approved packages to fill up a box (approved waste is listed below). Remember, the waste does not need to be cleaned or stacked, and always try to reuse a shipping box or bag!
  2. Download a pre-paid shipping label from terracycle.ca. To acquire a pre-paid label, simply access your TerraCycle account online, and click “SHIP US YOUR WASTE”. You can print them out yourself or request that TerraCycle send the label.
  3. Ship the box to TerraCycle by affixing the pre-paid postage label and call UPS for free next day pick up at 1-800-PICKUPS.

For more detailed information please check out the Coffee Bag Brigade FAQ.

And to make collecting all your coffee bags that much easier, download our helpful TerraCycle "Collect, Store and Ship Guide" for some tips and tricks that will make the collection process simple and mess-free. Also check out our Coffee Bag Brigade Poster to help promote your collection efforts

Check out the image below to see some examples of the types of waste that are accepted through this Brigade program. You can also download this as a poster.

Coffee Bag Brigade Accepted Waste

Coffee Bag Brigade accepted waste: Any brand and any size coffee bag.

To learn more about the Nabob Coffee Co., visit nabob.ca!

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