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INACTIVE: Halloween Clean-Up Brigade

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Recycle your Halloween Chocolate Wrappers with Nestlé Canada

Announcing the Halloween Clean-Up Winners!

Congratulations to all of our Halloween Clean-Up Brigade participants for making this initiative a huge success. Because of your efforts, we collected approximately 275,000 chocolate wrappers during contest months!

Congratulations to the three locations that collected the most Halloween chocolate wrappers:

Top collecting location: Fran Matthews from Sheridan Public School in Oakville, ON whose team collected 19,198 wrappers! Fran and her Brigade participants will receive 5,000 TerraCycle points and an upcycled Nestlé tote bag.

Second highest collecting location: Amanda Saxton from St. Anthony's School in Kincardine, ON whose team collected 15,098 wrappers will be rewarded with 3,000 bonus points and also an upcycled Nestlé tote bag.

Third highest collecting location: Becky Little from Helen Schuler Nature Centre in Lethbridge, AB collected 12,473 wrappers and will receive 1,000 TerraCycle points in addition to an upcycled Nestlé tote bag.

Drumroll please…and the winner of the $1000 draw is Sandra Ross of William S Patterson School in Clandeboye, MB. Sandra and her team have prevented nearly 25,000 pieces of waste from going to landfill since they began collecting through TerraCycle a year and a half ago. The team at William S Patterson collects for 12 different TerraCycle Brigades and heavily involves parents and the community in its recycling efforts. Congratulations team William S Patterson!

About the Halloween Clean-Up Brigade

Millions of Halloween chocolate wrappers are needlessly discarded every year. TerraCycle is proud to partner with Nestlé Canada to create a second life for used Halloween chocolate wrappers.

From September, 15th to December 31st, every time you enjoy a Halloween Nestlé chocolate or similar product, we want you to save the wrapper and send it in through the Halloween Clean-Up Brigade and we will recycle the material into fun and innovative products.

To reward you for sending in a shipment of Halloween chocolate wrappers your location will be entered into a draw for a chance to win $1,000. But that’s not all, TerraCycle will also reward the top 3 collecting locations with an awesome Nestlé upcycled tote bag and bonus TerraCycle points!

Participation in the Halloween Clean-Up Brigade is simple, it operates like a normal Brigade and it’s completely FREE – all costs and shipping are covered by Nestlé Canada.

You’re not only enjoying a great–tasting treat, but also helping reduce waste, while contributing to a good cause.

For more information, please visit the Halloween Clean-Up Brigade FAQ on this site.

What are the prizes?

All Halloween Clean-Up Brigade locations that have sent a shipment from September, 15th to December 31st, will be enter in a random draw. TerraCycle and Nestlé will award one random winner with $1,000!

Additionally, the top team to collect the most Halloween chocolate wrappers from September, 15th to December 31st will win amazing Nestlé upcycled tote bag and will be awarded 5,000 TerraCycle points (that's 50 dollars!). The second highest collecting location will win amazing Nestlé upcycled tote bag and will be awarded 3,000 TerraCycle points (that's 30 dollars!). The third highest collecting location will win amazing Nestlé upcycled tote bag and will be awarded 1,000 TerraCycle points (that's 10 dollars!).

TerraCycle points are redeemable for a variety of charitable gifts, TerraCycle product bundles or a donation of $0.01 to the school or charity of your choice. For more information on the TerraCycle Points Program, click here.

Nestlé Canada is proud of its partnership with TerraCycle as part of its overall commitment to environmental sustainability.

Halloween Clean-Up Brigade accepted waste: all brand of individual Halloween chocolate wrappers and outer packaging.

Please note: We DO NOT accept the cardboard packaging. Instead, you may recycle this through your municipal recycling program.

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