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TASSIMO Brigade®

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Recycle your waste with TASSIMO

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Exciting changes to the TASSIMO Brigade: Introducing public drop-off locations!

Due to the number of people who are looking to take part in the TASSIMO Brigade, we are pleased to announce that we are recruiting active members of the TASSIMO Brigade to become public drop-off points. These locations are accessible to members of the public and those who are on the waitlist for the TASSIMO Brigade.

Click on the “Find my nearest location” link below to see the drop-off location address, hours of operation and the organization’s benefiting charity or school.

By partnering with TerraCycle, TASSIMO is recycling their coffee, tea, espresso, milk and hot chocolate T DISCs, giving this packaging a second life! Every time you enjoy a great-tasting TASSIMO beverage, we want you to save the T DISCs, the coffee grinds and the outer foil packaging and send them to us. TerraCycle will recycle the used TASSIMO T DISCs and packaging into eco-friendly products like plastic garbage cans, watering cans, benches, cutting boards, hard shells for coolers, play grounds and plastic lumber.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Sign up for a TASSIMO Brigade
  • Save your used TASSIMO T DISCs, the coffee grinds and foil packaging in a recyclable cardboard box. You will need to send shipments that contain at least 8.3 kg (approximately 525 T DISCS) in order to receive the TerraCycle point donation. Please do not send shipments that contain more than 18.1 kg (approximately 1145 T DISCS).
  • Download a pre-paid postage label from terracycle.ca
  • SHIP!

Thanks to the generous support from TASSIMO, for each approved T DISC received, your collection location will be awarded one TerraCycle points which can be redeemed for a variety of charitable gifts or for a payment of $0.01 to the non-profit organization or school of your choice. Please click here to learn more about the TerraCycle Points Program!

Participation in the TASSIMO Brigade is simple and it's completely FREE: no sign up fees or costs to you. For more information, check out the TASSIMO FAQs.

And to make collecting all your waste that much easier, download our helpful TerraCycle "Collect, Store and Ship Guide" for some tips and tricks that will make the collection process simple and mess-free.

Check out the image below to see some examples of the types of waste that are accepted through this Brigade program. You can also download this as a poster.

Tassimo Brigade Accepted Waste

All TASSIMO T DISCs and the outer foil packaging can be collected through the TASSIMO Brigade such as coffee, tea, espresso, milk and chocolate syrup T DISCs. Please note the cardboard carton is already recyclable locally with regular paper products and should not be included with the T DISCs and outer foil packaging you send in.

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