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How Totals Are Calculated

TerraCycle collects millions of juice pouches, cookie and cracker wrappers, cigarette butts and other types of waste. Each of these waste streams is shipped individually through a specific Brigade – for example, we receive drink pouches only through the Drink Pouch Brigade® and cookie and cracker wrappers only through the Cookie & Cracker Wrapper Brigade.

Most of our Brigades donate to a school or non-profit (of your choice) for the waste collected. In order to keep track of all that waste, we calculate the amount of waste based on an average weight per unit of waste. We establish an average weight for each waste stream collected through a Brigade.

The process is very simple: When we receive a shipment from your Brigade collection team, we weigh it and then use the average weight for that Brigade to establish the number of individual pieces of waste in that shipment. This count is then used to calculate the donation earned for each shipment.

Not all average weights are the same – we determine it on a Brigade-by-Brigade basis because each waste stream will have a different average weight. To establish an average weight we use a representative sample of the waste that will be collected for that specific Brigade.