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Huggies Packaging Double the Points!

Diaper Packaging Double Points!

Brigade locations now have the opportunity to earn double their points for the TerraCycle Huggies® Brand Brigade®!

Between August 1st and September 30th, each diaper or baby wipes packaging will earn you double the points! This means you will receive a total of 4 points instead of 2 points per packaging. Remember, each TerraCycle point is redeemable for a variety of charitable gifts or a donation of $0.01 to the school or charity of your choice. For more information on the TerraCycle Points Program, click here.

Join the Huggies® Brand Brigade®!

Sign up for the Huggies® Brand Brigade® today and send in qualified shipments to earn double your points!

Click here to visit the Brigade page and start collecting today.

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